The Artist

1918 - 2015

The pictorial inspiration of the artist Tatì Angelo starts in school age. "Every time that teacher went out from the classroom, I went to the whiteboard and I began to draw with chalk. When teacher came into the classroom was impressed and instead of getting me in punishments, she invited me to teach how to draw to my classmates".

Since he was a young man he emigrated to Australia, where he worked as aeronautical engineer, then he came back to Sicily devoting himself to painting in an exclusive manner. However, in the land of kangaroos,Tatì succeeds equally to express his art in an Anglican church, where he entrusted with the restoration works. Moreover, in Australia, Tatì ended his studies getting the Diploma of the third artistic secondary school, even if subsequently, but later he felt the regret of not having attended his studies till the last year of the course studies. Not by chance, in his long old age, after brushes, paintings and colors, his most dear "friends" were books, with a particular preference for biographies of his distinguished colleagues, as Michelangelo and Guttuso; but his inexhaustible intellectual curiosity brought him also to the reading of the History publications and even treaties and codes of law.

Angelo Tatì's pictorial art is characterized by the strong and rigorous realism, typical of the classics and, in particular, of Michelangelo. Michelangelo realism was the main inspiring model for the painter from Francavilla. Instead, his favorite painter was Picasso among contemporaries painters. The production of the Master Tatì is therefore mainly consisting of still life, landscapes and portraits, in particular female subjects with strong Mediterranean traits and giunoniche forms, which were probably the external characteristics he appreciated more in a woman. Then we have self-portraits in which the author portrays himself as Saint Francesco or even Jesus Christ.

(Rodolfo Amodeo)
The Awards

His art had gratifying awards such as the Acireale "Christmas Art" in 1989, the title of "Art Master" in 1990, "David d'Oro" in Prato (FI) and '"Oscar d'Oro" in Andalusia in 1991. You can find his name also in the prestigious "Elite" catalog, which contains the best contemporary Italian painting. The review contained in this catalog about him and signed by the meacenas Lucia Rocca it describes Angelo Tatì as "a quiet painter, a painting author that reflects the images of a world that, is disappearing day after day. His use of light and color is an expression of art that has no borders".